Digital Strategy

In response to the formal promulgation of the Measures for Administration of Bill Standardization—Announcement [2020] No.6 by the People's Bank of China, and initiated by the Digital Strategy Center, a demonstration platform for the Apollo National Fintech Industrial Park has been launched as a professional training program for customers of enterprises and financial institutions.

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Digital Strategy Training

This training system includes two major themes: Fintech Solutions for Bill Standardization and Digital Financial Strategic Transformation, which together can allow enterprise and financial institution customers to enhance their knowledge and expand their experience with bill standardization and digital strategic transformation.

Training on Fintech Solutions for Bill Standardization

Interpretation of bill standardization methods, financing of the bill and debt market, and new opportunities for capital and credit.

Training on Digital Financial Strategy Transformation

Bill standardization + supply chain financial innovation mode and sci-tech enabling financial strategy for a significant boost.

Lecturer group

The expert lecturer group will deconstruct the bill standardization and digital financial strategy from the aspects of policies, regulations, bills, bonds, capital and sci-tech and extrapolate their practical values.

Alice Cai

CEO of Apollo and GoldChain

Guan Xicheng

Executive Director of Debt Financing Department, Guotai Junan

Guo Tao

Partner of Beijing Junhe Law Firm

Lu Xiaoma

Partner of East Stone Capital Ltd

Ben Zhao

Ph.D., Director Assistant and Deputy Director of Internet Technology Center of Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology and Wuxi Internet of Things International Exchange Center