Talent strategy

Job Opportunities

Social recruitment application

Joining GoldChain will help you learn how Apollo enables entities and serves micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, allow you to explore the frontier of Fintech and become an innovative talent and industry backbone who embraces the future.


1. Technology R&D Center
2. Operation Compliance Center
3. Digital Strategy Center
4. Integrated Support Center

Job requirements

Applicants are required to have 1-3 years of work experience in relevant positions, good character, good appearance and temperament, strong sense of responsibility, ability to execute plans, and communication and coordination skills.

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On-campus recruit application

As a leader in the fintech industry, the company is willing to provide highly competitive salaries for fresh graduates, which will be determined according to their academic qualifications and entry positions. The company also provides competitive benefits, including but not limited to apartments and training programs.


1. Technology R&D Center
2. Operation Compliance Center
3. Digital Strategy Center
4. Integrated Support Cente

Recruitment process

Applicants apply online → resume screening by the company → applicants watch the company’s business briefing → structured interview (I) →structured interview (II) → fintech knowledge system training → formal offer and entry.
Professional requirements
Technical positions: computer science and technology, software engineering, electronic information and communication, information management, IoT, mathematics, big data, artificial intelligence and other IT-related majors.
Other positions: finance, economics, law, engineering, management science, philosophy and other majors (all majors welcomed).

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Company Business Briefing

As an innovative dual high-tech enterprise at the Zhongguancun level and the national level, GoldChain is also an enterprise in the National Fintech Demonstration Area, whichhas branches in five provinces and cities in China. The campus recruitment program is fully underway and excellent fresh graduates are welcome to apply.

Company advantage

The  company  takes  a  leading  hold  of  the  brand-new  fintech  track  as  it elaborately polishes its business model and products and at the same time relies on a perfect, flat and fast-responding management system to achieve rapid development.As an enterprise on the second-batch list of domestic enterprises registered for block-chain information services, the company carries out product and application innovation completely within the compliance framework and effectively  optimizes  the  financial  environment  to  serve  micro,  small  and medium-sized enterprises.

Talent cultivation strategy
The company utilizes the trainee management system found in Global 500 companies in conjunction with its exclusive Apollo72 Courseprofessional knowledge system training, which can help newcomers in the workplace expand their skill set and realizerapid growth.

Contents of Company Business Briefing
Introduction to talent strategy
Introduction of scenes and services of the company
Introduction to the company’s on-campus recruit process

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Apollo72 Course

The Apollo72 Course is designed to train new professional talents in fintech industry and future talent. The professional training program is certified and officially issued by the Institute of Social Finance and implemented by GoldChain.

Through various mediums such as videos, books and forums, the program has established a highly three-dimensional, pragmatic and forward-looking curriculum system, which can effectively help learners quickly establish a relatively complete fintech knowledge system and knowledge reserve and rapidly build upon relevant occupational skills and experience.

Curriculum system of
Professional theory + Practical innovation

The Apollo72 Course begins at a macro-level from the global and Chinese financial industry and provides detailed explanations of China's financial institution system, supply chain finance and fintech; its purpose is to help learners establish a global financial vision, further cultivate China's environment, and experience and observe the cutting edge vision of fintech made possible by new technologies.

Macro finance: global financial history and Chinese financial history
China's financial institution systems: China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) System, China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) System and the People's Bank of China (PBOC) System
Supply chain finance: same-trade model and industry cases
Digital economy: new era, new economy and new technology

Tutor group/lecturer group

The tutor group/lecturer group of Apollo72 Course is composed of executives from Global 500 companies, founders of fintech enterprises, members of the tutor groups from industry-university-research cooperation circles including famous universities and national research institutes, who will impart experience and expand one’s thinking on the dimensions of industry, technology and application so as to cultivate more innovators and innovative forces.

Alice Cai

CEO of Apollo and GoldChain

Guan Xicheng

Executive Director of Debt Financing Department, Guotai Junan

Guo Tao

Partner of Beijing Junhe Law Firm

Charles Hao

Partner of East Stone Capital Ltd

Lu Qin

Multilingual scholar

Lu Xiaoma

Partner of East Stone Capital Ltd

Ren Wei

Expert in mental health research, Associate Professor at China Youth University of Political Studies

Eric Wu

Former director of BlackRock North Asia Co., Ltd.

Vincent Yang

Global Procurement Manager of a famous American power equipment company, member of the Expert Group of the Purchasing Commission, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing

Ben Zhao

Ph.D., Director Assistant and Deputy Director of Internet Technology Center of Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology and Wuxi Internet of Things International Exchange Center

Wang Hongtao

President of Tsinghua Unisplendour Corporation Limited