Enterprise customer marketing H5 Fast channel for financial service application

H5 is an effective way for the Apollo and B2B Platforms to connect enterprise customers efficiently and flexibly.
Through the H5 business application channel, enterprise customers can directly identify two-dimensional codes and apply for related businesses. Meanwhile, these H5s also play an important role in channel customer management.

Helping the implementation of anti-epidemic financial services

During the COVID-19 epidemic, the Apollo Platform officially opened a fast-track H5 application for state preferential interest rate loans to epidemic-related enterprises, effectively promoting the development of “contactlessepidemic prevention” financial services.

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Financial institution APP

Point-to-point service and management of enterprise customers

Proprietary mobile application for financial institutions cooperating with the Apollo Platform

This APP is a mobile application specially provided for licensed financial institution customers cooperating with the Apollo Platform. It can assist licensed financial institutions to obtain financing applications from enterprise customers on the Apollo Platform conveniently and in real time, carry out point-to-point information exchanges and adjustments with enterprise customers online, accurately understand the actual operational situations and credit levels of enterprises, and identify good-quality and credible micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

App for Apollo financial institutions (latest version)

Identify good-quality enterprises
By relying on emerging scientific and technological means, it helps licensed financial institutions identify good-quality and credible micro, small and medium-sized enterprise customers and open up new businesses.

Data driven risk control
It supports licensed financial institutions to conduct multi-dimensional reviews and authenticity verification of enterprise customers’ data assets online.

Standard on-line operation
By relying on the point-to-point online information exchange rules between licensed financial institutions and enterprise customers, the problems that once complicated financial business processes and operations are solved.

Financing application:Receive financing needs for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises at any time
Customer management:Understand the real operations and credit status of the enterprise
Business management: Easily manage business
Points for gifts: Exchange good products and gifts

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