B2B Platform of
GoldTrade + GoldArchi

Standardized bills, and integrated payment and financing Closed-loop management of whole-chain capital flows.

The launched “GoldTrade”and“GoldArchi”B2B platforms support the corporate customers to conduct integrated services for order payment and financing based on "Piaofutong" commercial bills, relying on their upstream and downstream business relationship in the supply chain.

The B2B Platform of GoldTrade and GoldArchi has established a direct system connection with the “Piaofutong” of Shanghai Commercial Paper Exchange Corporation Ltd. via the head office of the Bank of Communications.

b2b —

Standardized bill business +
inclusive financial services

The Buyer can control the right of “bill locking and changing” for paid commercial bills and always take the initiative in the transaction.

The Seller can obtain standard supply chain inclusive finance and standardized bill services.

Intermediate B merchants can infiltrate at multiple levels, and the received commercial bills can also be transferred for payment.

The full supply chain can reduce the cost of financing.

Open to the whole industry for greater benefits
for more enterprises

The B2B Platform of GoldTrade and GoldArchi can be based on the integrated service of commercial bill payments and financing in the supply chain, simultaneously serve core enterprises and many micro, small and mediumsized enterprises in the supply chain, and realize the common benefits of many parties.