About Apollo

Based on A, B, C, D and other emerging technologies, apollo platform sets up a network of industrial alliance, which can provide supports for the supply-chain financing and standardized bill business conducted by multiple entities in the industrial alliance in terms of sci-tech services. Furthermore, it can also achieve reduction of costs and increase of economic benefit in the entire supply chain, as well as common benefit of multiple entities.

Protecting the data asset rights and interests of enterprise customers

The “6+2 nodes” of the Apollo Platform mainly include
the financing enterprises[1] to be financed, licensed financial institutions[2] that can provide financial support, institutions [3] that can provide guarantee and insurance services, the confirming party that can verify the credit[4] and key information [5] of the enterprises to be financed,  witness institutions[6] that support online witness signing, as well as nodes responsible for full-chain data bookkeeping [7] and invoice management.[8]

Establishing credit explication for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises

Enterprise customers who register and log in to the Apollo Platform can establish a digital credit system through the enterprise information management function  for the explication of enterprise credit.

Through the financing management function, enterprise customers can apply to licensed financial institutions that the platform cooperates with to obtain liquidity fund support or related financial services required by the enterprise.

Authorization, authentic right and rights protection of data

Protecting the data asset rights and interests of enterprise customers

The Apollo Platform not only can provide enterprise customers with a self-managed “financial cloud space” to establish a perfect digital credit system, but also can protect the complete rights and interests of enterprise customers' data assets.

The Apollo Platform supports enterprise customers to establish cooperation with licensed financial institutions through data authorization, authentic right, rights protection and other operations. However, if the data is not authorized by the enterprise, other parties will be unable to view it.

Relying on the trusted technology of blockchain to achieve dynamic data verification

In the 6+2 nodes of the Apollo Platform, credit confirmation party, information confirmation party and invoice node can all help licensed financial institutions to verify the authenticity of relevant data authorized by enterprise customers.

Meanwhile, the bookkeeping node (without manual intervention) also synchronously records the real-time dynamic data of all 6+2 nodes and can also carry out real-time cross-verification and comparison of key enterprise credit data.

Rare adaptation to multiple industries

Enabling the service capability of S2b2c whole supply chain

The Apollo Platform enjoys openness that most supply chain fintech platforms in the market cannot, which is to say that the platform can be applied to multiple industries while enabling the service capability of the whole supply chain.

By opening up the full supply chain financial service system from upstream S (production) to B (distribution) and then to C (consumers), the Apollo Platform can meet the needs of enterprise users at any given link of S2B2C.