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One of the First Batch of Enterprises Having Presence in National Fin-tech Demonstration Area.

GoldChain Technological Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd., is a national high-tech enterprise that is oriented in serving the financing of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as strategic transformation of industrial digitization; An enterprise providing platform-level fintech services for financial development of supply chain, and advancement of standardized bill business.

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Awards and Accomplishment

It had a presence in Xicheng Park of Zhongguancun, and the National Fin-tech Demonstration Area in February 2019, and is one of the first 47 enterprises in the National Fin-tech Industrial Park. In August 2019, it became a high-tech enterprise in Zhongguancun; and in October of the same year, it was listed among the second batch of domestic enterprises registered for block-chain information services. Besides, it was honored the title of "National High-tech Enterprise" in December.

Organizational Structure